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SuperStream M3

4k / 6k Android TV Media Box

SuperStream M3 is the most user-friendly and the smoothest English-based Android TV box for your home streaming entertainment for 2023. SuperStream makes it affordable and simple to watch your favorite shows. SuperStream devices act as the home for all of your entertainment so you can streamline your setup, replace your expensive cable equipment, and watch what you love—all while saving money.

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Quick and easy setup

All you need is internet

Always up to date

Get the latest features, newest channels, and more with automatic software updates.

Voice Control

Watch what you want with your voice

Private listening

Connect you Bluetooth headphones for private listening

Better Entertaiment

Experience What You Love Differently
Superior Quality


Feel the picture pop off the screen with deep blacks and immersive brightness.
Cut the cord enjoy live sports, movies, and your favorite shows
All in 4k / 6k HDR clarity.

7.1 Surround Sound
Hear Everything Around You

7.1 Surround Sound

Relive the move experience at home.
Hear every whisper and detail with incredible clarity.
Feel the beautiful world around you like never before.
Take control of your home theater.

Remote App
Simple & Convenient

Remote App

The Free Super Remote App makes it
easy and convenient to control your SuperStream M2.
Use it as your main remote or second remote.
Faster serch with the mobile keyboard function and
open any app all from one place.


Frequently Asked Questions
Is SuperStream Legal?

Yes, SuperStream is a totally legal Android TV box. Watching a stream of movies, TV shows, Sporting events won’t violate U.S. copyright law. You won’t encounter a law issue unless uploading, downloading, or broadcasting content to a large group.

Can you record on SuperStream?

You don’t need to record TV yourself on SuperBox, the Playback app can access TV news and Sports up to the last 7 days directly, you don’t need to worry miss out any big news or events.

How to connect WiFi on SuperStream?

Click the Setting icon on the home screen, then click Network &Internet. Turn on your WiFi, select your WiFi and input your password.

How to reset parental password?

Click the Setting icon on the bottom of the home screen. Click Apps, you will find all Apps you’ve been installed Select Blue VOD, then click the Clear data option Then go to the Blue VOD app, you’ll be requested to rest the parental password, and your Blue VOD history and favorites will be removed too.

How do I program my SuperStream remote?

You can use the SuperStream remote to control your TV, which means you don’t need two remotes while watching. At the top of SuperStream remote, you can find there are 4 buttons was outlined with white, so you can use these 4 buttons to control your TV. Hold the white power button in the outlined area, the button should start to blink, hold it till the red light stay on. Aim your TV remote to the SuperBox remote, hold the function button on the TV remote that you desire to be programmed(such as the power button). Hit the same button on the SuperBox remote(hit the power button while you holding the power button on the TV remote), the red light should flash 3 times and remain highlighted if the function is copied. Just repeat the progress to program other buttons(usually two volumes up, down, and another random button). The red indicator light will flash 5 times if programming is unsuccessful, then you need to start it again. When you finished the programming, just hit any buttons outside the white-line to exit the programming mode, the indicator light should turn off.

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